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The concept of grounding - walking on dewy grass in the morning for you health is not a new thing. It has been around since the 1940's as far as I am aware. What is new is that there is now science to show just what those benefits are. They are impressive and include but are NOT limited to:




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Effect of bed pad grounding on 60 Hz mode (volts, see reference 3)












The terms earthing and grounding are interchangeable. Grounding puts you in contact with the earth's electrical state which has a frequency of 7.83 hertz (Schuman resonance).  Grounding allows for a free flow of electrons into the body, since most bodies in a western lifestyle generates a positive (+ve) electrical state. It does not matter weather the grounding is directly to the earth (at no cost) or if it is by way of being connected to conductive systems that are linked to the earth. This can be achieved simply using the earth connection of an electric power source in your home or at work. In this context positive is not good for you. But the free flow of electrons balances your body's electrical state which has a similar effect to antioxidants and has the beneficial physical effects of walking outdoors on the beach or wet ground.

This source of free electrons seems to have an effect similar to antioxidants. 4

The bottom line is, grounding seems to have a lot of important beneficial health effects for those of us not living in close contact with the earth. Grounding via circuitry seems to be just as good. Costs can vary from nothing as in walking on wet ground or in water outdoors or trivial amounts if you are handy with wire a few simple connecti ons.

Is it worth the effort? At present I think so. I will trial it and let you know in a few months.



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