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Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)

    "Label reading at the grocery store and daily exercise have become the
    standard for a health conscious society seeking a higher quality lifestyle.
    However, lack of mental and emotional self-management is a root cause of most
    stress-related health problems. Physical health can be improved through a
    balanced approach to exercise and diet but without managing how we respond
    mentally and emotionally to day-to-day events, stress accumulates and can
    substantially damage a person’s system." (1)

NET was developed by chiropractor Scott Walker. It is taught as a chiropractic technique
to chiropractors.
It had its origins in Applied Kinesiology.

Walker found that when word or ideas that were spoken, either by the patient of the
practitioner, that those issues that held problems for the patient caused an strong indicator
muscle to weaken. This was also true if the issue was even just thought about by the patient.
Using this method, emotional issues could be pin pointed as being necessary for clearance.

Walker found along with others that certain acupuncture points when stimulated while the
troubling thought were actively in the mind, could alleviate the potency of the effect of those
emotional issues.

Some parts of our society has the mistaken notion that if you are emotional about something
that this is a less than desirable state to be in. Or that there is something is really wrong with
you if you do.

The truth is that emotions are the result of the super fast processing of neurological input, at a
rate that is much faster than our conscious brain can make sense of those inputs. Sometimes if
the stimulus is strong enough, the subconscious response to those stimuli are perpetuated in
spite of us cognitively knowing that the event is from the past, it is over, not happening now and
won't hurt us now.

Our emotions are there for fast responses, fast recall and automatic responses. They are there
for our survival, they seem not to be there for us to make immediate sense of things. It is there
for the do I run NOW or do I fight NOW. As such they can also if not cleared, become a source
of un-conscious stress and tension, and the source of repeated behaviours, without knowing
why we keep doing them. The cause is
sub conscious so we don't know the cause easily.

Dr Walker worked out a method of finding where in the acupuncture meridians the emotion is
stuck (by use of
AK and Meridian alarm points) and that through the activation of the Riddler
spinal reflexes  and later the use of the
pulse points on the wrists that these emotional issues
could be de-activated.

I say de-activated because the memory of the event is still there, it just doesn't effect us in the
same way as it used to.

EFT is the off shoot of the work of Dr. Roger Callahan. This work was further developed by
Gary Craig who has an extensive site
www.emofree.com where you can download a free
manual of EFT this is e-mailed to you. EFT is NOT a chiropractic technique and is freely
taught to anyone who wants to learn.
Many health care professionals use the method, from
psychiatrists and psychologists to medical and chiropractic practitioners as well as people
without any health care training.
This is a starting place for you to help yourself. I highly
recommend the manual to everyone wanting to help themselves and their families.

I find EFT more user friendly than NET but I  integrate both methods into my work.
I have found EFT to be of use in all ages from about 7 years to 80. For its uses, I can only
repeat Gary Craig's words. "Try it for everything." EFT is on of those methods that if you try it, it
may help and very profoundly. If it seemingly doesn't have dramatic results for you, it doesn't
mean that nothing has changed, it just means you haven't been working on the "key" issue that
helps resolve the problem.

There are some situations where the emotions are the key to resolving health problems and
structural instabilities. These can usually be rapidly resolved. It does require patient
participation to a greater extent than with the other things I do. Here patients need to be full
participants otherwise the whole effort can be just a waste of time and money.

Here are some articles that show evidence that there is a meridian energy system
that we can influence our physiology through.
(Compiled by Fred Gallo, PhD)

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