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Occipital Drop (OD) Phenomenon


"This is an ideo-motor response where the left side of the occiput will appear lower than the other when a subluxation is present.  To detect these a chiropractor will place his hands on either side of the patient’s head and either run his fingers down to the occiput or tap on it to determine the relative position.


"According to The American Chiropractor, the Occipital Drop is a mechanism in which one can measure the body’s wisdom.

“Simply stated, in response to a challenge, a muscle goes weak (AK), the leg shortens (DNFT) [van Rumpt], the skin sweats [emits mm wave length signals in the deep infra red range] (Toftness) and the occipital bone (along with the mastoid process of the temporal) appears to drop or lower on the left side (KST).  These are all binary systems, yes-no indicators, by which we can easily access the body’s wisdom.  Although the mechanism of action remains unknown, these are amazing, highly accurate tools that we can use to great advantage in helping patients.” [enhancements in italics]




by By Patrick Godwin, M.D., Mark Reisbig, M.D., and Jacob Walter, M.D.

accessed 07 Mar 2010 with elucidations


AK means Applied Kinesiology

DNFT means Directional Non Force Technique also used in TRT

KST means Koren Specific Technique

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