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Auriculotherapy is NOT a chiropractic method, but is widely used as an adjunctive therapy by chiropractors because it often speeds up the resolution of symptoms.

What is Auriculotherapy? The best way to look at Auriculotherapy is as modernised ear
acupuncture: BUT: No needles are used - instead specialised micro-current treatment is
utilised. It is recognised by many governments around the world and is cataloged by the
World Health Organisation as a recognised therapy (1) It has a sound scientific

Why microcurrent? Well mainly because there are no meridians on the ear, but what there
is, is a rich plexus of cranial nerve and cervical plexus nerve endings. These regions
operate at microcurrent levels of current (measured in millionths of amps). They also
respond well to low frequencies. Since there are no acupuncture points in the ear, there are
no points to needle anyhow.

Research has found that the ear is behaves as an electronic access point to the brain - and
can be used much like the keyboard on your computer to tap into the different sensory and
motor regions as well as the more automatically functioning parts. It is very effective in
improving your management of acute and chronic pain, neuralgias, and the list goes on and

Most of the areas of the body are represented on the ear, in a similar way to the reflex zones
of the hands and feet that most people have heard of.

Ear Nerve points
turned upside down for
ease of viewing
Ear Nerve Points (2)

Theoretically because the points in the ear communicate directly with the brain, and the brain
controls and co-ordinates all the functions of the body (2), auriculotherapy could help with a
large number of problems that people have.

Again theoretically the only condition that auriculotherapy is not of benefit for is the vertebral
subluxation. This is because the joint is misaligned and passing a microcurrent signal through
an ear point to the brain is likely not to make any difference to the misaligned state of the
joint. Having said that however, it may be of great benefit in alleviating the pain component
associated with  of the subluxation complex.

Common uses of Auriculotherapy
    Pain alleviation, desensitising nerve pathways, muscle spasm, joint movement
    problems, Balance the brain and hormones, asthma, muscle atrophy, attention deficit,
    balance, Back pain, improves circulation, blood pressure, bronchitis, coughing,
    depression, anger, anxiety, insomnia, addictions and drug withdrawal, fibromyalgia,
    headache, poor memory, pain of osteoarthritis, RSD, shingles, shock, muscular
    spasms, sprains, stress, excessive sweating, learning problems, tennis elbow, blurred
    vision, worry, digestive disorders just to name a few (2)

I tend to use Auriculotherapy as a quick way to see if we can alleviate pains. If this does not
perform as expected, then I would use
Microcurrent Therapy to to stimulate tissue repair.

1        Legal Status of Traditional Medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine:
A Worldwide Review; WHO 2001
2        "Auriculotherapy Manual," Edition 3, Olsen T

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