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The Bowen technique was developed by Tom Bowen.  As a young man he trained as a medical student

till the outbreak of WW II. On his return he found that he's place in medical university was no longer available to him.  

So he trained as an industrial chemist and eventually worked as such for Geelong's cement works.

Tom Bowen found that he could alleviate people's pains by tweaking their muscle tendons.  In
this way he would help his friends who eventually sent their friends to him for help.  He
became so successful at his after a number of years, that he gave up keys job as a chemist to do the
thing that eventually called the Bowen technique on a full time basis.

The Bowen technique is a sophisticated method of alerting the body to its own discomforts, with a

view to allowing the body, via brain organization to correct the malfunction.

When the rolling stimulus is given to the tendons messages are sent up to the brain for
interpretation.  The brain analyses that tension in that part and sends the appropriate signals
throughout the body to correct or normalize these tensions.  In doing this tensions are
harmonized, joints begin to move through a more complete range of movement and symptoms
start to dissipate.

The other THING that happens is that whenever the body is touched, acupuncture points are
often stimulated in that process.  Acupuncture points of distributed finely throughout the body.
It is almost impossible not to bump into one whenever the body is touched.  And so it is with the

Bowen technique that acupuncture points are also stimulated and in this way to also give a

therapeutic effect.


To maximize the benefits of treatment is necessary to follow a few guidelines.

WATER - Drink close to 2 litres of water per day.  This enables style of chemicals that were
stored in muscles that were tense to be flushed down the system.

WALK - Walk for about a half hour each day.  On the day the treatment for each half hour,
you will need to get up and more about for a short time say about 30 seconds.  This helps to
pattern the way the muscles will be used in their new configuration.

WEEK - most of the time the treatment will work in your body for about 1 week.  As such most
of the time it will be unnecessary to have another Bowen treatment before that.  That is not
the same that one cannot be given earlier if necessary.


Washing soda is useful for reducing swelling in joints and tissues.  The way to go about this is
as follows:

From the supermarket purchase some "
lectric soda".  Crush this as soon as you get home
such that the crystals are about the size of sand granules.

Take a fine cloth such as an old handkerchief place the crystals on it spread out over an area
of about the slides of the swelling.  Then fold the handkerchief in a way that there is only one
layer of cloth between the swollen part of the body and the crystals.  Place the handkerchief
with the crystals on the swollen body part and over this place a bath towel to absorb any
moisture that is drawn out of the body.  Then wrap these in plastic wrap.  This is best done at
night prior to going to sleep.

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