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Blood group diets

The blood group diet was devised by Peter J. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney and was
popularised through his various books The one I am referring to is titled:
"Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer &
Achieving Your Ideal Weight  

The diets were developed as a result of testing people for their responses to eating foods and
then testing to see if
Indican was found in the urine. Indican should not be found in urine inder
normal circumstances. The presence of indican in urine can show gastrointestinal distress in
patients where protein absorption may be reduced reduced.

    * Blood group O is believed by D'Adamo to be the hunter, the earliest human blood
       group. The diet recommends that this blood group eat a higher protein diet. (2)

    * Blood group A is called the cultivator by D'Adamo, who believes it to be a more  
      recently evolved blood type, dating back from the dawn of agriculture. The diet
      recommends that individuals of blood group A eat a diet emphasizing vegetables and
      free of red meat, a more vegetarian food intake. (2)

    * Blood group B is, according to D'Adamo, the nomad, associated with a strong
      immune system and a flexible digestive system. The blood type diet claims that people
      of blood type B are the only ones who can thrive on dairy products. (2)

    * Blood group AB, per D'Adamo, the enigma, the most recently evolved type. In terms
      of dietary needs, his blood type diet treats this group as an intermediate between   
      blood types A and B." (2)

D'Adamo and his theories on diet are not without it critics. Many of these critics have contrary
views that they are airing. They can be easily "Googled".

I have noticed that those patients who do try the diet, more often than not do report having a

My thoughts on that matter are that so long as you don't eat foods that you have known
allergies to, it will do you no harm to have a trial run of about a week or better yet 2 weeks.

If you for any reason you don't feel it is doing you any good, no harm will be done and you can
simply go back to the way you are used to eating.

Above all use your common sense here and listen to what your body is telling you
while on the diet
and more importantly when you revert to your old ways of eating.
Make up your own mind.
None of the information listed below is to be taken as a directive to any particular person as a treatment recommendation.
It is provided as information only, so that treatment options that you may not as yet be aware of can be brought to the decision
making process with the help of your suitably trained and registered health practitioner.


Step 1
Know what your blood type is. It will be either A, B, AB or O

Step 2
Click on the appropriate link for your blood type and enjoy chances are you already

"Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living     
           Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight  
" Peter J. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney