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"Philosophy, from the ancient Greek, literally means ‘the love of wisdom’, and is taken to mean
the search for wisdom. ... In essence, philosophy can be an academic activity, a model or
system of thought, teachings or beliefs, or as Rosen put it, (2) ‘a condition of the psyche and so
a way of life, rather than solely a way of true propositions.’  According to him, it asks, ‘What is
the best way of life for the present journey of existence?’  This was a common view of the
ancient Greeks, who developed philosophy.  My experience is that these various components
not only overlap, but complement each other. This seems to me particularly evident in the case
of chiropractic philosophy."

Another view being the reasoning or idea behind what chiropractors do and recommend.

Generally science evolves from an idea of concept of how the universe and its parts works
those ideas are its philosophy. Scientists then go off to test those ideas to see if the have
validity. The results of these tests positive and negative find their way into the huge body of
literature we generally call "Science" or Scientific knowledge.

Without a philosophy, science would not even have a clue as to what is worth investigating,
unless like Newton sitting under an apple tree observed a falling apple and found it not only
interesting but worthy of further investigation.

D.D.Palmer in 1895 had a similar experience. See
History and then come back here to continue.
Welcome back

So from these experiences D.D. developed a philosophy not only of health but generally of how
things work.

His idea was that there is order in the way the world and the universe works. He called this
order "Universal Intelligence". Now a days we would call these the "
Laws" of physics and

For instance it is a universal finding that if water freezes, it expands and is therefore lighter than
water itself. This is why when a lake freezes, a sheet of ice forms on the top. It also freezes at 0
degrees Centigrade and boils at 100 degrees Centigrade. That when water boils, it remains at
100 degrees centigrade and that it is only in the gaseous state that the temperature of the
water rises above 100 degrees. Also that gravity is a function of the mass of an object, and that
from our perspective this is only significant when we get to something the size of a satellite like
the moon.

D.D. then observed that observed that there is an order present in the working of the human
body. He observed that the human body was under the control and co-ordination affects of the
Nervous System (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves). This order for simplicity he called
"Innate Intelligence". We would now a days call this the process of

From his observation of
Hervey Lillard and Rev. Weed, as well as observing that when one
worker caught a "cold" or other infection, a person working in close proximity to that person may
be quite well and not "catch" that infection. How is such a thing possible? After all the likelihood
of the presence of infective bugs be they viruses of bacteria being in both people are close to
100%. So he asked the question "what is the difference between these two people working side
by side?".

He concluded that there may be an interference in the nervous system of the sick person, which
was interfering with that person's nerves that sense the presence of the infective agent and
hence a delay in the activation of the immune system may allow the bugs to gain a foothold and
hence that person becomes symptomatic and "catches a cold". His co-worker however has a
better functioning nervous system and as a result detects the presence of the bugs and
orchestrates a swift and powerful attack by the Immune System on the bugs. And so that person
develops no symptoms, though he/she may have been exposed to the same bugs.

The Nervous system has the job to
"control and co-ordinate the functions of all the
tissues, organs and systems of the body and to relate the body to its environment".

He conjectured that the place in the human body where the Nervous System could be most
easily interfered with was at the spine. The spine having the tendency to be injured by
mechanical knocks and falls or other inherited weaknesses. He thought that the misaligned and
stuck spine could cause the nerves to malfunction. This in turn would cause the tissue or organ
at the end of the nerve to also function abnormally. This he said would interfere with the "innate
Intelligence" or order within the body and so the body so affected would malfunction in some
way that is logical and predictable.

Does this always happen D.D.'s answer would have been "yes". We now know that while a
person so affected would indeed have an impairment in the functioning of their built in "innate
Intelligence", they may not have overt symptoms for months or even years till there is a
pathology or tissue break down. The person in that state of "innate Intelligence" compromise
would be said to be in a state of "
dis-ease". Hervey Lillard did not have a pathology of the ear
that caused his hearing impairment. He had a "dis-ease" that caused perfectly good ears to not
function in a was as to provide him with perfect hearing. His ears did not function with the ease
or order that they were otherwise capable of.

Is this a valid view point?
Yes it is and it can be explained from a view point that is perfectly acceptable to the "scientific"
minds of the medical profession. This model does have its limits and D.D. came to the view that
at some point the "matter" that the body is made of may be in such a dis-eased state that the
tissue develops a pathology to such an extent that it is beyond the capacity of the Innate
Intelligence to orchestrate a repair in time to not affect other organs or the body as a whole.
This it termed the "limitation of matter".

The aim of everyone is to not get into such a deranged state for that long a time that the point
of "limitation of matter" has been reached.

It is for this reason that chiropractors in general and I in particular would urge that people with a
tendency for subluxation reformation have their spine checked regularly. This is by far the best
health insurance policy you can have.

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