Practice Methods

I view myself as your chiropractor/coach to recovery

As a coach, my job is to guide you, persuade you, and sometimes goad you into doing those

things which you need to do to speed your recovery not only for now but also so a relapse does not happen easily.

 To enable you to regain your best possible potential, I will often ask you to do things that will bewilder you. Most often however you will find the reason I ask you to do certain exercises, refrain from some activities on the various pages of this web site.

 One of the reasons you need my services is that you do not fully know or appreciate you present state of health.

To remedy this I will need to have you participate in an extensive series of simple tests. The results of which will enable you and I to get a better view of just how your spine is affecting the way your body is currently working. The results, with your case history will also guide

me as to what the next steps should be on your road to recovery.

 Please get used to the fact that I will ask you to read & learn & participate - often.


There are many methods used by chiropractors to correct subluxations.

I chose to use gentle methods for the following reasons:
1        I can usually achieve the goal of repositioning the joints so that the nerves are not
        being irritated, without the use of the traditional manipulations that are still being taught
        and used.
2        Since bones only shift from their normal range of motion as a result of injury, it makes
        sense to minimise the use of force being put into those injured joints.
3        There are gentle chiropractic techniques that enable subluxation reduction to happen.

The Chiropractic methods I use are:

Torque Release Technique
Applied Kinesiology
         IBD & TBM   
Robb Myofascial release These 4 are used routinely at each adjustment session.

                    Koren Specific Technique (coming late Feb 2010)

Toftness is used in situations where even less force is necessary
    Jennetics is used to enable reduction of stress responses in the nervous system.
        NET and EFT to work on a releasing the physical part of emotional problems.

Should the need arise, I do use standard manipulation if the need is there. But I will inform you first.

I also have been trained in methods that are
NOT chiropractic:
Click the links for more.
Health - Naturally
Mornington & Beechworth, Victoria, Australia


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